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Meet Me There

I created a short film based off one of the short stories that I had written back when I was in high school. For the two years after I had written the short story, I would picture how I would bring it to life, from each shot I would take, to the colour scheme I wanted shown.

Meet Me There is about a boy who has to come to terms with the recent loss of someone he had loved. He leaves his house to try and overcome it on his own but is greeted by a butterfly that guides him through this journey.

I used premiere pro for the editing including the sound effects and colour grading, and then used after effects to create the motions of the butterfly.

5 min

the happy kind of sad

I created a short film about the friendship of two women, and the beauty and sadness they face. I relied heavily on natural sunlight, and was able to capture a beautiful sunset by the beach, which really made everything come together in the end for me.

I used premiere pro for editing, and my Nikon d5300 and Rode VideoMic for shooting.

3 min.

the waiting room

In collaboration with Alexandre Poirier, Ronald Sanchez, and Tyler Dubois, The Waiting Room tells the story of a man who ends up in purgatory in front of two judges who will decide his fate. 

Writer and Sound recordist. 

4 min.


Superstitions is an experimental short film that focuses on different types of superstitions and the what-ifs of each. The film utilizes sound to create a world of mystery and discomfort.

Shot on Panasonic GH5, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and sound recorded in Rode VideoMic for shooting

1 min.

Changes in the night

Changes in the Night is about a woman who finds her room coming to life in the middle of the night. With the arrival of an unexpected visitor, she is pulled into her own unexplained nightmare.

Shot on Panasonic GH5, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and sound recorded in Rode VideoMic for shooting.

2 min.


Spinning follows the life and energy of a woman's world for the short time the song plays. 

Shot on Panasonic GH5, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.


Tell Tale heart

Rendition of the classic short story "Tell Tale Heart", this short shows the beginning intro to the mans madness as he dives into a story of murder and delusion.

Wrote, directed and edited scene.


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