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The Power of Music was created by Me (Madelyn Jones), Kelsie Iserhoff, Munirah Jowhar and Nadia Zreik.


We wanted to create a documentary on a common interest of ours, and notably nothing is more universally well liked then music. We spent over a month on the project, filming interviews, b-roll, writing scripts and putting it all together.


The intention of the documentary was to tell the importance of music, and what it means to individuals, culture and our society. We interviewed people from different backgrounds and researched extensively to cover all the sub topics of our film to the best of our abilities.

11 min

Wherefore Art Thou Juul is a mockumentary, drawn from inspiration of shows like American Vandal and Real Bros of Simi Valley. 

The web series tells the story of a college student named Jake who hosts a party, and finds out in the morning he loses the thing he loves the most, his juul. The series follows Jake and his camera man on their journey to find out who took it. 

It was created by me alongside Zoe Akiko, Megan O' Byrne, Jessica Sidsworth and Rachel Landry. We each wrote directed and edited an episode.  

25 min. 


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