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One of my favourite movies of 2017 was Call Me By Your Name and I wanted to represent one of the scenes that stood out to me the most which was the dancing scene. I referenced a still from the movie and then built on the details, such as their clothing, shadows and arm movements. I added a yellow tint to the background to add another element that brought out the warmness of the entirety of the image.

call me by your name

CMBYN artwork
FantasticMr.Fox artwork

fantastic mr.


Wes Anderson always creates the most visually appealing movies and characters, and Fantastic Mr. Fox was no exception. I used a drawing pen to create this work, and brush each of his hairs making it as tamingly messy as I could.

My all time favourite movie is Kings of Summer directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

I created an intro based on themes throughout the film and my own ideas that flowed together.

I used the memorable pipe scene from the film

as the music for the video.

I created most of the files in illustrator and then moved them over to after effects to create the final video.

1 min.

kings of summer intro


Family portrait

Created a family portrait based off an image for reference, and using illustrator. Each person was created using multiple layers totalling to nearly 80 in all. 

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